Atrump dealers are expected to perform certain duties, and complete the sale to certain standards.

An Atrump dealer, whether a quoting dealer, stocking dealer, servicing dealer or combination of any type, you are expected to:

• Be the First point of contact, to all of your customers. This means for any questions, service, support or praise, they contact you, the sale's dealer/sales team (Dealer and outside rep.)

• Follow-up on any and all sale's leads provided by Atrump, Centroid, or any other company that sends you information on potential customers, with appropriate literature and prices. (if necessary)

• Have your customer sign and date a Sales Agreement. In which, you need to spell out your terms, service issues, for warranty, on-site service terms, (if any), for CNC Machines with un-lock codes, how they are to be appropriated, and the responsibility that you as the sale's dealer will undertake. You can not just get the discount (Profit) and do no work, after the sale! (Sample sales agreements are available by request. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

• Read and understand ATRUMP's Terms and Conditions ( This covers the labor and part shipping warranty, and that we expect the dealer to offer a minimum 3 month labor warranty.

• Attend all shows, and exhibit an Atrump Machine at the local show(s) to your area.

Atrump Machinery, Inc.