Regarding the Position of CNC Knee Mill Control

When the machine is running, please pay attention to the position of the control before you leave your CNC machine.

The control should be placed rightly as the following pictures.

  1. The side surface of the control should parallel the side surface of the machine table (picture 1).
  2. The front surface of the control should be perpendicular to the above mentioned side surface of the machine table (picture 2).

DSC02150                    (√)

Picture 1.

DSC02157                     (√)

Picture 2.

If you run your machine to its home position without checking with the control position, it might cause damages to your machine, and we do not want to see that.

Here we will give you examples of some badly placed control positions, please try to avoid these (picture 3-5).

DSC02154                    (X)

Picture 3.

DSC02160                   (X)

Picture 4.

DSC02161                   (X)

Picture 5.

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