Do your table hardened and grounded?

Our knee mill do have hardened and grounded table and ways.

Our cnc mill do not have hardened and grounded table surface, we only hardened and grounde the ways.

Could I use single phase to run the machine?

Some of the inverter machine you can use the single phase to run , however it may loose some horse power.

What type oil should I add in the oiler?

Use Mobil Vactra#2 or Hangsterfer's way oil #2.

What is the input power?

3 Phase 208V to 230V

Where is the Atrump's machine made?

Most Atrump's machines are made in Taiwan.

How long Atrump has been in the business?

Since 1989

What is Automatic oiler setting?

Every 15min work 10sec.

What is air pressure setting?

85 to 100psi

How do I do with 250V input?

Contact your electric tech. to install bulk boost transformer to bulk the high voltage input

What coolant do you recommand to use?

Please use Hangsterfer's S-500 7% coolant.

What type oil do we use on the tool clamp cyclinder and spindle chiller?

Please use "Tellus 32" from SHELL

Are we able to supply the metal telescope way cover on E5FC,E5EC,B3EC,B3FC,B3VC model machine?

No, We do not supply the metal way cover on these model machine.

Could I use 440V input power?

Yes, You could buy an optional high voltage step down transformer to use 440V input.

How do we clean machine?

We use the coolant to flash down the chip and sweep out from the machine.

Do not use the air to clean it may enforce the chip to go in some hidden spot like inside the saddle.

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