• TG-5


  • Brand: Topwork
  • Model: ATrump - CNC grinder
  • Availability: In Stock

  • IPC with Siemens 840D 5-Axis controller
  • ISO 9001 quality assurance
  • 10 HP spindle motor, BT50 spindle taper
  • 100~9,000 rpm grinding spindle speed
  • Heavy duty linear slide way to ensure toughest cutting and smoothly operating without vibration
  • C3 precision ball screws hardened & ground for high accuracy and long lasting
  • FC30 Meehanite Casting main frame with annealed & stress relieved for long term reliability
  • 100% Laser tested for positioning accuracy & repeatability
  • Standard way cover on three axes
  • Tool box & tools
  • Coolant system
  • Central lubrication system
  • Built-in Quartz work light
  • Portable hand wheel (opt)


Tool data
Max. working length 7.8"
Max. workpiece dia Ø7.8"
Spindle Motor
Grinding spindle speed Frequency drive 100~9000 rpm
Grinding spindle motor 10 HP (3.7kW)
Max. grinding wheel diameter 5.9"
Work Head
Spindle taper BT50 or BT40
Clamping system 6kg/cm2 (80psi)
Min. work head graduation 0.001º
Mechanical Axes Travel
X Axis 14.5"
Y Axis 9"
Z Axis 6.7"
A Axis -20º ~ +200º
C Axis
Rapid traverse of X/Y/Z axis 236 inch/min
Rapid traverse of A axis 15 rpm
Rapid traverse of C axis 100 rpm
Linear resolution 3.9"x10^-5
Radial resolution 0.001º
Axis Motor and Coolant System
X/ Y/ Z Axis servo motor 2 HP
C/ A Axis servo motor 1 HP
Coolant motor 3 HP & 2 HP
Lubrication pump 25 W
Model IPC with Siemens
Number of control axes 5 Axis (X.Y.Z.C.A)
Floor space 125" x 90" x 88"
Weight 9990 lbs (4530 kgs)

Standard Accessories
Full enclosure & splash guard Halogen lamp Auto lubrication system
Grinding wheel flange x5 Spare belt 3R7M875 GUTS grinding software
Tool box w/ adjusting tool Oil & Mist separators Oil coolant system
Cooler unit for oil coolant system Angular setting disc for machine reference point measurement Plug gauge BT/NT50 for presetter measurement
3-Dimesion model simulation system Pressure dust container with 5um Automatic lubrication system
Pneumatic collet holder with for Ø6, Ø8, Ø10, Ø12, Ø16, Ø20mm  

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