• TE-5


  • Brand: Topwork
  • Model: ATrump - CNC grinder
  • Availability: In Stock

  • IPC with Siemens 840D 5-Axis controller
  • ISO 9001 quality assurance
  • 5HP spindle motor, BT50 spindle taper
  • 100~9,000 rpm grinding spindle speed
  • Heavy duty linear slide way to ensure toughest cutting and smoothly operating without vibration
  • C3 precision ball screws hardened & ground for high accuracy and long lasting
  • FC30 Meehanite Casting main frame with annealed & stress relieved for long term reliability
  • 100% Laser tested for positioning accuracy & repeatability
  • Standard way cover on three axes
  • Tool box & tools
  • Coolant system
  • Central lubrication system
  • Built-in Quartz work light
  • Portable hand wheel (opt)


Tool data
Max. working length 3.9"
Max. workpiece dia Ø7.8"
Spindle Motor
Grinding spindle speed Frequency drive 100~9000 rpm
Grinding spindle motor 5 HP (3.7kW)
Max. grinding wheel diameter 5.9"
Work Head
Spindle taper BT50
Clamping system 6kg/cm2 (80psi)
Min. work head graduation 0.001º
Mechanical Axes Travel
X Axis 9.4"
Y Axis 8.6"
Z Axis 9.8"
A Axis -20º ~ +200º
C Axis
Rapid traverse of X/Y axis 393 inch/min
Rapid traverse of Z axis 314 inch/min
Rapid traverse of A axis 15 rpm
Rapid traverse of C axis 100 rpm
Linear resolution 3.9"x10^-5
Radial resolution 0.001º
Axis Motor and Coolant System
X/ Y/ Z Axis servo motor 2 HP
C/ A Axis servo motor 1 HP
Coolant motor 2 HP
Lubrication pump 25 W
Model IPC with Siemens
Number of control axes 5 Axis (X.Y.Z.C.A)
Floor space 88" x 74" x 98"
Weight 8820 lbs (4000 kgs)

Standard Accessories
Full enclosure & splash guard Halogen lamp Auto lubrication system
Grinding wheel flange x5 Leveling bolts & blocks BT50 test bar
Tool box w/ adjusting tool Oil & Mist separators Oil coolant system
Cooler unit for oil coolant system Pressure dust container with filter GUTS grinding software
3-Dimesion model simulation system Plug gauge for measurement machine reference points Plug gauge BT50 for presetter measurement
Plug gauge BT50 for grinding wheel dressing Pneumatic collet holder with collet for Ø3, Ø4, Ø6, Ø8 mm

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